VOIP Telephone Services


Never Miss Another Billable Hour

Simple, Secure, and easy to deploy VOIP for law firms.

    • Video Conferencing
    • Call Recording
    • Call Flip
    • SMS (texting)
    • SMS & MMS to Email
    • Call Park
    • Shared Line Appearance
    • Transcription
      (Video & Voicemal)
    • Dynamic Call Routing
    • Mobility
    • Secured Document Sharing

Quickly and efficiently routing client calls is the lifeblood of a busy law firm.

Business Telephone – Secure all-in-one platform – Cloud-based phone system

Business Telephone

Empower your legal firm to conduct secure calls, video meetings and messaging unified on one platform- from anywhere on any device.

Comprehensive Solution

Simple, secure, all-in-one communication platform with contact center capabilities keeps everyone connected.

Calls from anywhere

Seamlessly switch between your desk phone, desktop app, or our mobile app to keep your legal firm connected.

Call Management

Placing calls into queues ensuring they are answered promptly by the appropriate associate. 

Call Insights & Analytics

Gain insight into calls and then use this data to optimize service by analyzing the behaviors of your legal firm’s associates and clients.

Our White Glove approach is the difference!

We have been serving the Greater Atlanta area businesses and high end residential customers since 1984. Our industry knowledge and extensive experience allows us to provide a consultative approach to our clients regarding the best solutions for their business, while staying within their budget.

Satisfied Customers

I an IT Administrator and I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pricetel over the last 2 years+ and every member of their team, including Stephen Price has been nothing short of a joy to work with. Whenever my practice offices needed anything for the phone systems and the virtual fax system, I never had to worry about it; Pricetel is on it so quickly. Highly recommend anyone needing a good phone provider/vendor that are highly skilled and stay up to date with the latest tech, look no further than Pricetel.

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